Online shopping trends according to a Klarna Research confirm that the online market is growing fast and that some of the reasons why shoppers prefer digital channels to traditional stores, are related to pricing.

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Shopping online: 2021 vs 2022

Many people declared that this years they will shop online more than usual for Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales.

More specifically, in the USA, 73% of consumer will shop more online compared to last year, in Italy the 66% will choose online shopping. Globally this trend corresponds to 58%.


How shoppers think the will split the purchases between online and in-store

In the USA 58% of customers will buy more online, 25% will buy more offline during Black Friday & Cyber Monday sales. In Italy 58% of consumers will buy more online, 20% will buy more offline. Globally this translates into 49% of shoppers who will buy more online compared to 28% who will buy more offline.


Why are shoppers turning online?

Some of the reasons why shoppers are planning on digitizing their purchases during the biggest sales days of the year, are related to prices.

Globally 76% of shoppers choose shopping online because it’s easier to compare price. 74% of shoppers choose shopping online because of the lower prices that can be found.


The in-store shopping journey begins online

Physical stores still play an essential role for shoppers but even when shoppers prefer the in-store shopping experience, the purchase process starts with a research online also known as webrooming: 81% of shoppers carry out an online reasearch before shopping in-store.


These ever-increasing numbers show that an essential market segment is online. Online, where the market is highly competitive and customers can compare prices more easily and quickly. It is therefore essential for companies to act with the right timing and ensure the correct positioning and an optimized pricing strategy.

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Source: Klarna Insights. Black Friday & Cyber Monday