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Face the discount period with a proper tool


The discount period is approaching and controlling competition or retailers can be a thoug. Prices are dropping fast and discounts are popping up every day. For a Brand this can be very dangerous because it seems like you are loosing control on your distribution network. For this reason with Competitoor you can have a clear

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Web Marketing Festival


The Web Marketing Festival is the Italian meeting able to deeply connect who is working with the Digital Marketing. The festival is going to take place in Rimini the 23th and 24th of June at the Palacongressi and it will be able to call itself training, innovation, music, entertainment, networking, startup. But not just that,

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Competitoor as a pricing strategy


Many are the pricing strategies that retailers can use to increase sales and call people on their website. Along with it there is the fact that e-commerce specialists does not use just a single one of them. It is very likely that by customizing the pricing strategy according to the customer’s behaviour, the chance to

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How often online prices change


Online prices always change in a short period of time. If you have a look at the most famous marketplace we all know, Amazon, you will notice a frequent change of prices. The price you see today might not be the one you’ll see tomorrow. The pricing strategies of Amazon are very competitive, changing prices

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How is Competitoor helping you increase your income


It’s not a secret that today for having a successful online business you need to know how your competitors are playing. You can do it either manually or by using an automatic tool. Doing it manually may require lot in terms of both time and money invested. Competitors are daily popping up on Internet and

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Meet us at Netcomm

e-commerce forum-netcomm

10-11 May 2017 Milan | Italy Netcomm is the most important event in Italy for those that are running an e-commerce business. It is bringing together more than 12000 companies and it’s the perfect opportunity to build up new business connections. Schedule a meeting with us here. See you in Milan at the C2 stand!

4 good reasons to monitor Amazon

tracking amazon

For those that have an online business, Amazon is becoming a serious enemy in the daily business. The pricing policy of the website is extremely aggressive and it’s able to shut down any kind of e-commerce. Moreover, thanks to the trust that Amazon build up, the users that are willing to buy from the websites

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4 advices for your online business


If you want to start an online business or you already have one, you cannot be satisfied with just some random users that casually pop up on your website. If you want to be successful on what you do, you need to constantly work on it and put your energy in it. Build up new

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The evergreen challenge in the e-commerce marketplace


The online shopping has become a thing lately. The ecommerce is growing so fast that in Italy 18.8 million of italian had purchased on Internet during the 2016. It usually happens that 12% of the people on the Internet google only to get informations about a specific product and the 88% actually want to purchase

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Dynamic Pricing


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