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Raising prices through monitoring the competition


It is not the lowest price that increases sales, but the most intelligent one. Last week we talked about how difficult it is to determine the right selling price for a product. Calculating the costs and adding a profit margin is not enough; rather, you must consider your target market because those who buy online

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Optimized prices for the online market


How to improve your pricing policy and increase revenues and profit margins. For those who sell online, deciding the sale price is one of the most important and complex decisions to take. Some of the traditional methods, like the mark-up pricing adds a profit margin to the costs (goods, depreciation, client acquisition, tax, etc…), are

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Web Summit 2015 – Competitoor will be there


Setup a meeting with us: Stand number T212 in Town Square on Day 1 of the event, Tuesday, November 3 Web Summit has become one of the World’s most influential and international tech events. Last year, 22119 attendees came from all over the globe including business leaders from Google, Microsoft, Facebook. Web Summit 2015 is

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Blonde or Brunette? What men (the referral market) want


We must be able to give you precise data (about prices obviously), without taking anything for granted. This is why at E-commerce Forum, Milan April 21, we will be proud to solve a very old dilemma: do men prefer blondes or brunettes? See you in Milan with the answer.

See you at RBTE 2015, London


Next week we'll attend at the RBTE which is the event for European retailers, hospitality and leisure operators.  Visit the official Website

5 tips to improve your pricing policy


Whether you’re thinking about your price policy for the first time or you’re changing it in order to make it more effective for your online sales, you need to consider these 5 tips. Moreover these tips will help you to avoid a price battle that would be a lose-lose strategy. 1 – Know your profit margins Lowering

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How much the price affects online sales


In a growing and increasingly competitive market such as the online one, choosing the right price is essential for success. Recent studies ( showed how a low price is considered the primary key of choice in market sectors. In the pharmaceutical industry, as well as in the electronics industry, the price affects the users heavily; not so for other

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Compare prices on Trovaprezzi


Trovaprezzi is a famous price comparison portals in Italy. His advertisers pay to receive visits from interested people who, they hope, will turn into sales. Trovaprezzi often is used by italian e-commerce as a reference for determining its own pricing policy.   Trovaprezzi is a service created for the buyer, not for who sell online.

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The ancient art of the perfect price


The perfect price doesn’t exist. I wrote it immediately so as not to be misunderstood. Yet ancient sages know the law of supply and demand, and sometimes one can reach the ideal value that allows the online shop to maximize profits. With Competitoor this wisdom is always at your disposal. Changing prices is an important activity in

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Amazon is a search engine for shopping


In 2012 the NY Times wrote: “…In 2009, 25% of those who wanted to buy online started from a search engine like Google, 18% directly from Amazon (from a study by Forrester Research). In 2011 only 13% was from a search engine while 30% typed directly into Amazon’s search bar…”. Knowing how Amazon orders products from different

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