Brand Plan


The electronic commerce can be a big a problem for the manufactures companies

Buying online today is very easy, comparing prices from different e-commerce put pressure on the sales network. On the web, the reseller are not protected by the geographical position, that guarantee a precise and exclusive portion of the market , and they are competing with each other at a global scale. The competition will be every day more hard and the manufacturers companies have the duty to guarantee that the price’s rules of their own products are respected from all the authorized distributors.

With the functionalities of the Brand Plan you can:

  • Check every day if the prices of your products are respected in the world
  • Monitor the competitors who are targeting your clients, even if the product is only similar


Product manager

The data related to the sales of your resellers, the prices with whom the products are commercialised, the distribution on the market, are fundamentals information that should underpin any correct decision. Competitoor offers to the Product Manger charts, tables and reports that highlights in a easy and precise way how the Brand online prices are variating in the time.

Key Account Manager

For a Brand, the clients are representing most of their sales figures. Curing the relationship and anticipate their needs is fundamental, especially when the operation is in the B2B sector, where the final client know the Brand through the worth of mouth of the resellers. With Competitoor the Key Account Manager can rapidly check who are the resellers offering to hard discount that are putting the rest of the sale network in difficulty, as well as who violate the shared rules or, on the contrary, it is helping communicating the right value of the brand.

Marketing Manager

Besides their own chain of sales point, the brands need to know how other brands are moving in the market and analyse the possible offers from the online market. For this reason, the Brand Plan of Competitoor include solutions that allow to monitor, day by day, what the competitors are doing and compare catalogues, to intercept new clients and improve the online ranking.


You can find here below the functionalities included in the Competitor’s Brand Plan. Choose the functionalities that are most useful for your activity and fill in the module at the end of the page to receive more info on how Competitoor can help you.

Discovery and semantic auto matching

This semantic auto matching analyzes the client product, for each country requested, and find all the online sites that are selling the same product with a daily comparison.

MAP Guard

For each of the products monitored, Map Guard verifies that all the product’s prices do not go under a certain threshold pre established.
Each violation is registered and shown in summative tables, comparative charts that highlights the most problematic competitors.

Price Intelligence

Pair with the Semantic Auto Matching, Price Intelligence will give you, for each of the product sold by your competitor, the degree of danger so that you can focus on the most critical competitors.

Amazon Full

Additional information regarding the products commercialised on Amazon and eBay.

Export data

Daily export of the collected data in a structured format, customizable, that allows the integration with multiple Business Intelligence systems, ERP, reports.

Merchant company details

Deep research on Amazon and Ebay merchant details

Cluster View

Heat map that show the point of strength and weakness of your online catalogue, comparing your catalogue with the catalogue of your direct competitors.

Deep Catalog Comparison

Multiple special views that allow you to discover the catalogue variations and the depth of your competitor’s commercial offer.

Website monitor

Complete knowledge of the entire online catalogue of your competitors and any price variations that is happening in the time.

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