The web is a big opportunity and the buyers should take advantage of it.

If there is time and if it possible to confront the right offerts, it is possible buying any online product saving over 30%, in both B2B and B2C market. Keep a daily monitoring of the websites where you want to buy, especially if they are operating in a foreign country, it is an activity extremely expensive in terms of costs and time, but essential. The best discount, the most competitive price, are visible only for few days and it is often necessary an identification to be able to access to these prices. With Competitoor all the buying recursive activities, the planned investments, are becoming simple to manage and there is the certainty that, if a price is changing, it will be promptly reported.

Besides the functionalities of the Buyer Plan allow to import entire prices lists from different suppliers selling identical products and it will make the comparison easy and automatic, to discover every day where to buy at most convenient price.

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You can find here below the functionalities included in the Competitor’s Brand Plan.
Choose the functionalities that are most useful for your activity and fill in the module at the end of the page to receive more info on how Competitoor can help you.

Discovery and semantic auto matching

This semantic auto matching analyzes the client product, for each country requested, and find all the online sites that are selling the same product with a daily comparison.

Automatic purchase

Automatic purchase of the item when the price decrease to the desired price.

Price list comparator

Automatic comparison of the various price lists, divided by supplier, to enable you to buy always at the best price.


Esportazione giornaliera dei dati raccolti in formato strutturato per permettere integrazione con differenti sistemi di business intelligence, ERP, reportistica.

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