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The e-commerce is constantly growing year by year. An increasing number of people are daily choosing to search online for the best price, instead of the ordinary shop. This is it because it’s very simple, cozy and you can get good prices. Moreover, you can almost find everything on the Internet. If in the early

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Face the discount period with a proper tool


The discount period is approaching and controlling competition or retailers can be a thoug. Prices are dropping fast and discounts are popping up every day. For a Brand this can be very dangerous because it seems like you are loosing control on your distribution network. For this reason with Competitoor you can have a clear

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Dynamic Pricing


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Saving money buying stationery online


Prices characterized by constant fluctuation are called “dynamic”. Nowadays the Internet is full of retailers and e-commerce ready to apply this kind of strategy. With patience and time, is rather easy finding good deal on the items you’re interested in, with prices different one another up to 50%. In these terms, if you are quite

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2017 eCommerce trend


7 e-commerce trend that are about to explode in 2017 In the previous article we discussed the main changes that have marked the e-commerce field during 2016. And it’s quite clear however, that 2017 will be just as full of originality and freshness. So it’s important to understand what are the main trends in the

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Dynamic pricing: how it works and how much it’s used in 2016


The price is the most important feature when buying online The online sale and the in-store one are completely different compared one another. One of the main feature that distinguish those two is the facility that allows people to check and compare the same item on different websites. People are able to spend hours searching

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When should you buy online?


There are specific days and moments in which is more convenient buying online: here are five advices you should keep in mind. Is there the perfect moment for shopping? Yes, online more than ever. Prices are not always the same because they vary according to the demand. It works in the same way as the

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Psychological pricing always wins


The price is one of the most important features when it comes to sell a product. Psychological pricing is a marketing strategy based on the theory that some prices have a more psychological impact on costumers than others. So, if you apply this kind of pricing strategy to your item, it is more likely that

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10 factors to sell online with higher prices than the competition


Last week we listed the first 5 factors that make it possible to increase sales by keeping the price in line with the competition. Today we will explore the other 5 important points to pay attention to if you want to successfully sell online. 6 – Catalogue, variants and accessories There is nothing worse for

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