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Dynamic Pricing


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How monitoring the right competitor


Tracking the competition is a process that cannot be overstepped nowadays. Whoever has an online business, or has its items sold online by retailers, might want to know precisely who are those retailers and at how much they are proposing the product. Knowing who your competitors are, and what they are offering, can help you

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Why you should stop checking your competitors manually


Price is among the most important factors that people take in consideration when purchasing online. We can certainly tell that it swings the balance in this kind of process. In these terms, people check up to four websites before making an online purchase. The increasing amount of ecommerce on the Internet, lift up the pressure

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The challenging relationship between brand and retailers


The relationship between the brand and the retailer has changed a lot in these years. Thanks to the Internet online shopping has had a massive increase and countless are online retailers. Today it’s easy to find a very good deal on Internet with prices far below the brand’s ones. In these terms, for the brand

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2016 and the e-commerce: how it has changed and improved


The e-commerce are becoming part of our daily life, and more often we use them to check offers to compare to the in store ones. The global system of e-commerce is growing rapidly year by year. The new generations are closer and closer to the web, thanks to the Internet connection that today is available

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Tucano Urbano Interview

Tucano Urbano

Tucano Urbano is one of the main pillars of the Italian economy for the two wheeler lovers. It was born in Milan in 1999, and today is mostly famous for the Termoscud, the cover for those who ride a scooter. Through these years Tucano Urbano managed to affirm itself on the market and today has

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Dynamic pricing: how it works and how much it’s used in 2016


The price is the most important feature when buying online The online sale and the in-store one are completely different compared one another. One of the main feature that distinguish those two is the facility that allows people to check and compare the same item on different websites. People are able to spend hours searching

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6 strategies that will help you beating even your most feared competitors


The business world is hard and it’s even harder trying to create your own space in it. Competitors are growing every day and no matter how much you’re trying to shield yourself and your business, they will always try to pull you down. For this reason, you need to be smarter than them. In order

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From offline to online business: why is important and why Competitoor can help you


The decision of opening an online business is every day more common, but at the same time is not easy to make this process successful. Internet is full of useful information that allows you not to loose market, but seems like to many it may just sound too risky. So, Why should I run an online

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