Compare and analyze prices of health products

Are you running an e-commerce that sells medicines, pills or medical items?

Do you want to be sure that your resellers are respecting your dynamic pricing policy? Take care of your Brand, check your competitors' prices and give always to your costumers a very competitive price.

In order to optimize your prices and be always updated about your competitoors' moves you need to daily check them. Moreover, if you have a Brand you need to check your resellers. Doing so manually, could take lot of time and waste of money.

Competitoor gives you real time data, in this way you can have all the information you need to decide how to improve your business and income.


Either your business is about shampoo, pharmaceutical items or any other product for the body care, Competitoor will track their prices online. All the data are shown in a dashboard where you can find all the prices' items compared one another and see in real time any kind of changement. In this way, you are able to better decide your pricing policy and anticipate your competitors' move. More information about Competitoor here.

Save your time and improve your income with the first automatic tool that informs you of your competitors' pricing policy. Choose the project that fits you the best, sign on and try Competitoor freely for 7 days.