Trovaprezzi is a famous price comparison portals in Italy. His advertisers pay to receive visits from interested people who, they hope, will turn into sales. Trovaprezzi often is used by italian e-commerce as a reference for determining its own pricing policy.

Trovaprezzi is a service created for the buyer, not for who sell online. Most products are bait-and-switch articles or below cost proposals created by advertisers in order to gain the best positions and get more visits. Redefine its prices with Trovaprezzi is never the best solution, however, monitoring prices that this portal publishes daily allows you to have a useful indication on the performance of its market.

Competitoor contrary to Trovaprezzi is a web service designed for who sell online. Within its dashboard, the area reserved for customers, you can enter the page Trovaprezzi refers to the product that you want to track and thus have an indicator useful to compare with other values.

Use Competitoor to track the prices of the competitors, offers great benefits to the store manager:

  1. Competitoor can check the prices of any e-commerce, although they are not present on the price comparators and regardless the technological platform with which it was made.
  2. Comptetitoor preserves in a easy way prices trends, giving the ability to analyze important data about sales strategy.
  3. He is alerted if a price change, Competitor saves time.
  4. Competitor in addition to the price, check if there are discounts, special offers and other benefits for those who buy.
  5. Competitoor premium, in addition to price, analyzes the most important indicators that influence the positioning and visibility of a web page.