It’s not a secret that today for having a successful online business you need to know how your competitors are playing. You can do it either manually or by using an automatic tool. Doing it manually may require lot in terms of both time and money invested. Competitors are daily popping up on Internet and you need to check what they’re doing if you want to keep your business competitive. But with the growth of your competitors, the need of checking them and know in real time what they are doing is crucial. You can’t claim to be competitive if you don’t know how your competitors are behaving.
Having it done automatically allows you to concentrate your team on new or just more important tasks. With Competitoor you can enter in your account anytime you want in a day and check your competitors.

Protecting your value as a Brand is very important. Due to the increase of the online shopping, the number of people that are deciding to challenge themselves in the online business is increasing as well. For a brand the value perceived from the customers is something that cannot be overstepped. An high price can justify the quality and the name that the brand build up through years, for this reason finding a product sold with 50% off the original price is not an advantage for the brand itself.

Brand protection

Again, using a tool such as Competitoor will allows you to strengthen the relationship with your honest retailers. Those that were always respectful of your pricing rules will be happier to see that you care about protecting them as well from those retailers that are not behaving accordingly.

The market control is a procedure that cannot be skipped today in the online business.
Competitoor offers you different plans among which to choose according to your need. We have the Starter, Pro, and the Enterprise plan.
The Starter plan is only manual and is perfect if you have to check up to 100 items.
The Pro plan is perfect for those that want to keep tracked every single change in terms of price of the competition. For instance in the fashion industry, where the comparison is not perfect, brands tend to check not a single item but the entire catalogue of the competitor in order to optimize the offers and the sales strategies.
The Enterprise plan is perfect for those e-commerce that want to check their competitors but also for those brands that wants to check the retailers.
This plan is automatic and gives all the needed information if an entrepreneur wants to apply the dynamic pricing to the products, not considering the technology used and the market’s field.