Many are the pricing strategies that retailers can use to increase sales and call people on their website. Along with it there is the fact that e-commerce specialists does not use just a single one of them. It is very likely that by customizing the pricing strategy according to the customer’s behaviour, the chance to convert a visitors in actual customer get increased.

Some of the most common strategies that we actually can see in the online market are: discounts, MRSP, specific discounts for a single customer and lower or higher prices compared to competition with the purpose to not losing margins when in discount period.

There’s is one strategy that most of the time overcomes the others: the one about discounts. According to researches, over 90% of merchants usually chose this kind of strategy having as purpose the increase of perception of “best deal” or “the lowest price”.

This may cause lot of trouble and get difficult for retailers to be updated about their competitors move. Nowadays the web has become so vast and big that retailers are too many and the competition is constantly increasing. Thus, in order to protect your business, gets vital for you to daily check what they are doing. But since new websites posps up every day, the number to check increase as well and as a consequence it gets impossible to check them all.

For this reason Competitoor can come and help you in these operations. Thanks to Competitoor’s e-commerce plan you will be able to dedicate your team to other important tasks because you will be automatically notified when a competitor of yours change price.

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