With Competitoor you can find who is selling your same products and follow daily how the prices are changing.

Thanks to the Dynamic Pricing, prices changing automatically on the basis of pre established algorithms, the eCommerce sales are growing at the average of 20% and the profit margins of 8%. The most important parameter that is underpinning the dynamic pricing is linked to the quantity of the competitors offers and the pricing variants. Competitoor will allow you to collect these essential data and to build and maintain, in the time, the right price to maximise the sales.

Competitoor does not only inform you regarding the online price’s variation, with its Price Intelligence functionalities will highlight the most dangerous e-Commerces, the competitors who share your same catalogue and the once using Dynamic Pricing. The proprietary technology of Competitoor will discover and compare any online price, independently from the web site structure that is hosting the e-commerce, the currency, the language or the geographic zone. Competitoor is not limited to the mere matching of the products through the EAN code comparison, it use Machine and Deep Learning with models able to discriminate between the minimal difference in the contents, images and variants such as colours or sizes.


Store Manager

Competitoor offers precious information, for who has to manage the e-commerce online catalogue, su as how the products are sold by the competitors and how the prices are changing in the time and consequently where an action is requested. With Competotoor’s data, the store manager and the IT department can activate the Dynamic Pricing and be sure to offer always the best offer.


Aside from the competitor’s research functionalities and the price monitoring, Competitor offers innovative tools to optimize your online marketing campaign.

Promoting on the web an item that has no competitive price can be deleterious. Beside the lost of the sale, you are sending the customers to your competitor eCommerce. You may pay a campaign for a product to discover at the end that your customers have been yes attracted by the product, but they have bought it elsewhere, where the price was lower.

Competitoor helps the Marketing and IT departments to automate the data flux towards the principal adv channels to be sure to present competitive products and improved the ROI.

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You can find here below the functionalities included in the Competitor’s E-commerce Plan.
Choose the functionalities that are most useful for your activity and fill in the module at the end of the page to receive more info on how Competitoor can help you.

Discovery and semantic auto matching

This semantic auto matching analyze the client product, for each country requested, and find all the online sites that are selling the same product with a daily comparison.

Price Intelligence

Pair with the Semantic Auto Matching, Price Intelligence will give you, for each of the product sold by your competitor, the degree of danger so that you can focus on the most critical competitors.

Amazon Full

Obtain additional information regarding the products and the sellers on Amazon, competitors of the buy box.

Website Monitor

Fully analyze the competitor’s web site to discover how many prices is changing daily and how, what products have been deleted and what products have been added.

Cluster View

Compare your Brand catalogue with your competitor’s catalogue dividing the products in homogeneous clusters per pricing class or typology. Highlights the strengths and weakness of the commercial offer.


Daily export of the collected data in a structured format, customizable, that allows the integration with multiple Business Intelligence systems, ERP, reports.

Dynamic Pricing

Ensemble of rules for the daily calculation of best price to apply to your prices on the market and must have feature for the automation of the pricing process.

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