The discount period is approaching and controlling competition or retailers can be a thoug. Prices are dropping fast and discounts are popping up every day. For a Brand this can be very dangerous because it seems like you are loosing control on your distribution network. For this reason with Competitoor you can have a clear vision of what it's happening every day on your market and see those retailers that take too much advantage on the discount period by applying too aggressive discounts.


Same story can be for e-commerce. It's very important during the discount period to control how competitors are moving. Most of them will try to discourage your business with aggressive and massive discounts. Users don't think too much when it comes to make great deals, if they see that your prices are higher than your competitors' ones, they will get rid of you as soon as they can.

Discounts can be a great opportunity to increase your income. Important is to line up your prices with your competition ones, in this way you have good chances to conclude a purchase and convert a simple visitor in customer.

Here are some tips to get a better use of Competitoor:

1. Get emailed any time your competitor/retailer changes prices;
2. Settle a maximum discount to receive a further notification when someone oversteps it;
3. Decide to monitor the most requested items or those with an important impact on your tournover;
4. Use the dynamic pricing strategy to automatically change prices on your online shop;
5. Use the price intelligence strategy to know about your cometition's ranking.