The software is always under development and new features are constantly added in order to pre-empt the ecommerce business evolution. Being update about what happens on your online market is important today and loosing information means lacking of competitiveness, incomes and customers.
Each single plan we are offering is essential in order to give important information to different departments inside a company. In addition to sales managers and the marketing departement, Competitoor is used in the fashion industry by store managers to guide dynamic prices and take the right decision based on real data.

Different KPIs can be identified and displayed thanks to the new features of the "Analytics" section, consisting of different views editors.

In this article we will go through:

- Competitiveness

- Price movements

"Competitiveness" measures the behavior of monitored websites in terms of price.


The red color is there to represent a situation where, considering only the products that you are sharing with that competitor, your prices are higher. The green color, on the other hand, pops up when your prices are lower. Last but not least, the yellow one appears when your prices and competitors' one are similar.

You can also see more in detail what products you are sharing with each competitor and see a one to one price comparison.

The "Price Movements" section provides a clear insight about how many times competitors have changed their price over the period. An indicator of how much these sites, with automatic procedures or constant updating work, are optimizing their pricing policy in order to improve online sales.


These are just some of the features you can take advantage on by using Competitoor. If you want to know more about our plans feel free to contact us.