Every day, the right price

aumentare le vendite online

It is not the lowest price the one that is selling but the right price and on line the price is changing every day.

To know the perfect price to sell the products and increase the revenue, the market prices need to be in constant control and be able to quantify and qualify your competitoors. Using Competitoor will easy realize that online nothing is static, everything is always in movement, especially the prices that are changing constantly,

Popular marketplaces such as Amazon or eBay are using complex algorithms to modify dynamically the prices and increase the sales. On the price comparators of the marketplaces, it is easy to find a bait and switch from a new competitor and the online advertising become every day more intelligent till the point to literally follow and guide the consumer, suggesting the right products and discounts. Increase the sales, avoiding to decrease the price, it means to improve the cure of different aspects of the communication strategies, create a long-lasting relationship with the customers and being able to convince them that the high price is justified by determined conditions or that the price extremely low is an occasion where the customer needs to be an early bird.

In our client portfolio we can be proud to list a huge number of multinational Brands and e-Commerce and thank also to our constant on line research, we monitor millions of item prices per day. In the years we have build strong case studies that will show you how price rise, applied in the right period of the year, can be beneficial to increase your profit.

Thanks to the analysis of the prices variations, Competitoor is helping the business price policy and the discounts strategy, studied on the basis of the competitors, with again the same goal, increase the company revenue. Selling online is mainly an activity of dynamic price balancing and comparison towards a market in constant change, daily.

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