Being a Brand today is not easy. Internet is a double-edged sword because if it allows you to reach a great number of potential customers, it also get very difficult for a Brand to monitor that its pricing rules are followed.

With MAP (minimum advertised price) is intended the minimum price allowed when selling the Brand’s items. It is a rule imposed by the company, that wants every e-tailer to follow. Anyone who does not respect the price policy, is “helping” the Brand to be perceived by customers as cheap and with a low quality standard.

In some countries such as Italy, the MAP cannot be imposed. However, Brands and retailers find themselves halfway by stipulating a contract. It’s quite likely that, even though, retailers took part in the contract, they don’t always behave according to it.

Internet is growing year by year. Thanks to all those people that decide to open an online business, it’s easy for users to find a very good deal. And it’s also true that the good deal does not always respect the pricing policy dictated by the Brand. There are plantly of e-commerce that sell same things on Internet, and it is not getting easy for the Brand to monitor each one of them.

Competitoor will do the “dirty” work for you. You only need to tell us a list of products’ of yours that you’d like to monitor and the algorithm will collect data through the entire web.

One of the most important view you want to check, once you got the Competitoor dashboard, is the following one:

In this view you get to know who is currently pricing below the threshold and who is not. More precisely, how many products (among those monitored) each store is currently selling at a right/slightly wrong/wrong price.
Those that have the red bar are selling below the threshold all the products monitored. So the Brand should pay attention to them and make a step forward to get a better situation.

This is only one of the many features we have for the Brand plan. So feel free to contact us for more information!