Follow the trends of your trade market, discover the opportunities and the risks before your competitors.

The online market is changing so fast that is not possible to take a correct decisions on the basis of historical data or via a sample detection. On the contrary, real time data and the variation are the must have information. nowaday. The part of the analysis connected to the monitoring of the competitors, to the product positioning, and to the pricing policy, can be perfom in an efficient way thank to the plans that Competitor is offering to its clients.

The data that Competitoor is collecting every day can be easily uploaded on any Business Intelligence software or it can be integrated with the most popular analysis tools, to generate reports and compare the periodic performances.

Competitoor is missing piece of jigsaw to complete the information obtained through Google Analytics. In fact, merging the data of what is around us, the operational market, with the visits and sales data, will provide a real and vivid picture of the positioning and strategies. Taking decisions on the basis of real data means taking the right decisions.



The data automatically collected by Competitoor can be uploaded and integrated with other sources, directly in the Business Intelligence software, to obtain a complete and crystal clear vision of the online market and the strategies and actions to be planned.

Marketing Manager

An e-Commerce who sells Branded Products has an average of 20-50 competitoors per each country. Analyse the competitor’s web sites, what is their ranking, the offer differentiation and the prices strategies, will help to build efficient marketing campaigns and it will increase the ROI of the adv.


Competitoor enable the analysis of the composition of entire online catalogues including tens of millions products, highlighting the variety and the prices bands, when a product is not available or it has been discounted. The optimization of the pricing policy builded on market data helps to improve the margins and the sales, reaching a bigger slice of customers.


Here below the Market plan functionalities. Choose the functionalities that are most useful for your activity and fill in the module at the end of the page to receive more info on how Competitoor can help you.

analisi di mercato


You can find here below the functionalities included in the Competitor’s Market Plan.
Choose the functionalities that are most useful for your activity and fill in the module at the end of the page to receive more info on how Competitoor can help you.

Competitors analysis

Are you sure you know who are you real online competitors? Find out who are the e-commerce who are selling the same product or are targeted toward your same audience.

Similar product discovery

Discover the competitors sire who are selling different products but similar and targeted to the same audience.

Discovery and semantic automatching

This semantic auto matching analyzes the client product, for each country requested, and find all the online sites that are selling the same product, it daily compares the prices.


Esportazione giornaliera dei dati raccolti in formato strutturato per permettere integrazione con differenti sistemi di business intelligence, ERP, reportistica.

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