How do Italians use the tablet and mobile when buying online? What are the most common items or shops that people prefer? Netcomm, in collaboration with Human Highway, has released a study about this specific topic. The research highlited the consumer behaviour of Italian users.
Let's start with this fact: during 2016 the online payments reached +700%. A great result for what concern the Italian e-commerce.

This phenomenon is followed by the Mobile Remote Payment which, thanks to the numerous initiatives in supporting the m-commerce, is able to double up its numbers and reaching a value between 6.7 and 7.7 billions of euros.
During 2016 the Mobile Remote Payment reached 600 millions (+61% compared to 2015).

Tablet or smartphone?

Among the most preferred devices for the e-commerce, tablet and smartphone are quite at the same level, with a slight preference of the first one (6.5%) over the second (5.3%). However these numbers are lacking of importance due to the little difference between them, they only tell us that the tablet is the perfect device when buying online. Highlited by the fact that the number of tablet that people have is lower than the number of smartphone.

How many are the mobile devices in Italy? What do italians buy online?

It is estimated that about 20 millions of users are using mobile devices. Among the most common categories for the online shopping there are: books, tickets for events and telephone cards. For this specifics categories the mobile commerce exeed the PC commerce. Other two categories that are taking place in this new way of shopping are also fashion and accessories.

As a consequence, also the method of payment changed. Paypal is so simple that is almost at the top of the list (41%), credit card (47%), cash (5%) and bank transfer (3%).

Lot of people are also using the mobile to get information about goods they want to buy and about prices. The price is the first factor able to convert the user in customer, for this reason is strictly important know what competitors do and set the right price according to them. Set your prices automatically with Competitoor. We offer many option to monitor your market and set your prices automatically.

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