For those that have an online business, Amazon is becoming a serious enemy in the daily business. The pricing policy of the website is extremely aggressive and it's able to shut down any kind of e-commerce. Moreover, thanks to the trust that Amazon build up, the users that are willing to buy from the websites are growing every day.
Due to the aggressive pricing policy of Amazon, is extremely important to use a tool such as Competitoor because in this scenario is very likely loosing market.

Let's try to understand the main reasons why the online users are so actively shopping on Amazon.

1. Today most of the researches of the online users are directly made in Amazon rather that Google. In these terms the users tend to trust a bigger e-commerce rather than a smaller one with more convenient prices.

2. Amazon offers a wide range of products. From beauty to kids' toys, from gardening stuff to home forniture. In this way it's able to reach a wide range of costumers, revealing itself a dangerous competitors for the rest of e-commerce on the web. The purchase process needs to be intended as something easy and enjoyable to do. One of the main goals when rinning an online business is to offer a purchase experience as enjoyable as possible. In this way is very likely that the user is going to be back in the future for more purchases.

3. It's very hard to compete with Amazon when speaking about prices. The colossal offers daily deals on the website and it's very hard to keep track of them. If you then add the great ranking of the website, you have a winning combination for the online sales.

4. All the data that can be found on Amazon website change constantly. Indeed Amazon is known to change prices till 8 times a day. For this reason is so important to be updated about what happen on the website.

We just discuss 4 main reasons that allowed Amazon to grow so fast and so well till today. So, why is important to track the changement of the interested prices on the platform?
It's very difficult to compete with a competitor that has a warehouse bigger that yours. Offering a wide range of products certainly means that you can reach lot of people. The important thing that needs to be done in order to well compete with colossal such as Amazon is to offer on your website items with a strong demand and match them with the right price. It's importanto to keep in mind that the right price is not necessary the lowest one, but the one decided according to the competition offers.

However, even if Amazon seeks to offer very low prices, we should not at all cuts any further the prices in order to maintain our market share. And it's necessary to analyze very well what are the products which we want to implement our strategy on. What are the products that allow us to increase our margin and at the same time are more requested?
Track the competition is necessary today if you want to succeed in online sales. With Competitoor you have the opportunity to live rethink your pricing strategies. You will be notified in real time whenever a monitored competitor makes changes to a certain price, so you can keep alive your web presence and be competitive. Competitoor offers several plans for Brand or e-commerce who intend to start using the service. Contact us to for more information.