The decision of opening an online business is every day more common, but at the same time is not easy to make this process successful. Internet is full of useful information that allows you not to loose market, but seems like to many it may just sound too risky. So, Why should I run an online business? Or just take my traditional company online? Many are the answers to these questions, here below are the nine top reasons:

1. Improving your company image

This one alone should be enough reason why going online is important. Without your presence online your costumers could start wonder how seriously you are running your business. Today companies of all sizes and industries are marking their presence online.

2. 24/7 365 Hour Availability

Having an online business allows your costumers to reach you at anytime during the day. This means that anyone can read about your products and fulfil the virtual trolley at anytime, day and night. Of course being so easy to reach will make your profit grow.
Some fast foods, restaurants, grocery stores are open 24h, but some businesses are not. If you are one of them, just think where your business could go if you’d be available 3-4 times longer.

3. Better customer support

The internet allows you to give a fast answer to your customers and solve their problems.
Create a video or just dedicate a section on your website to the FAQ (frequently asked questions), in this way you can direct clients to that information for years. Not only will save your time, but it will make you look professional. Not to mention that it’ll allows you to provide a better service.

Customers are looking for specific information, such as:

  • Before they make a decision that includes a costumer
  • To solve a problem with an existing purchase

With this kind of online structure you can give them the informations they want at anytime, everyday.

4. Low start-up costs

Start a new online business means low start up costs. In this first step you don’t have any buildings to construct, no vehicles to buy and few (if any) employees to hire. In case you have a physical business, the way that will take you through the online world can be very smooth. You keep on selling the same product just in an additional way and possibly with additional costumers.

5. The internet was made for businesses

The idea behind the use of internet for business reason is that you can be just one click away from your costumers. If you have an online business you can work directly from home, accept payments, solve costumers problems and so on.

6. Work from anywhere

The beauty of working in internet is that you don’t have a place where you’re forced to stay. You can work from home, from the beach, from a very nice cottage in the mountain, as long as you have a good internet connection you don’t need to be in a specific place. As a result, you are free to choose where you want to live and how many time dedicate to your business.

7. Reduce operation costs

If you are running an ecommerce, receiving orders online reduces the need of having a costumer service staff. With a substantial number of purchases and a good description of the product itself on line, you can receive directly purchases orders and payments via email or into your database. In this way staff members can be reduced.

8. Target the Global market

With an online business you can reach thousands of people at the same time. This means that your store is always available for anyone who is willing to purchase your products. Just imagine what this could mean for your company, if you could expose your business to this kind of system composed by thousands of people.

9. Increase company responsiveness

The online business allows you to purchase orders, give an order confirmation quickly and deliver your proposal to the customers. With an online business this process is very easy while some years ago was almost unthinkable. With a competent online store application you can automatically track inventory, sales number and outstanding orders. Faster responses mean happier clients, and a happier client is more likely loyal.

Brands and ecommerce choose us because our software is simple and intuitive to use, we support our costumers in the tracking process and the software allows you to save time since it’s all automatic.
If you are starting a business online or simply you are a company who wants to expand its own business on a website, Competitoor can help you tracking the prices of your competitors. Our software will not live you behind the scenes on the market because the price of your items will always be competitive.