competitoor story

Competitoor is an innovative company, specialized in Price Intelligence and Monitoring, for e-Commerce and Brands. Founded by two engineers with more that 10 years of experience in the field of development of Web Projects dedicated to the electronic business.

Since the very beginning, Competitoor has placed its proprietary technology at the heart of its growth strategy. In fact the product offers a sophisticated and automated solution able to elaborate complex activities such as the semantic recognition of the data and the history analysis of the prices fluctuation.

In 2015, after being recently founded, Competoor has been chosen by H-Farm S.p.a., one of the biggest european HUB in the field of digital transformation, among 600 other start up companies. H-Farm is now one of the investors and shareholders of Competitoor.

The portfolio of Competitoor's clients, only in 2016, could already count an interesting number of big international brands in a huge variety of fields, from fashion to automotive, appliance, cosmetics, etc. Not to mention the numerous Partnership signed around the globe. In 2017 we have launched new features dedicated to the Market Analysis and the Buyers. That along with the 2 classic plans, e-commerce and brand, are providing millions of data every day to our clients.

The Competitoor's team is based in London (U.K) and Carpi (Italy), it's a pool of young and talented people in a constant learning process, to provide the latest technologies in the field of web marketing and IT in general.


We are e-Commerce experts

We do not only provide quality and useful data. The Competitoor's team will help you to find the best way to beat your competitors and protect your business.

We work with passion

We love what we do and we are in constant improvement, following the latest evolution of the web and the latest technologies on the market. Our Team is in constant learning thanks to qualified periodic courses.

The future will be drive by data

The Web is digital and measurable, growing by 10% every year. The value of the data that we daily collect, increases through time, helping you to improve the quality of your strategies day by day.


The Press

wired logo Competitoor is a service for the competitive benchmarking that allows you to track your online market and be notified right away when a competitor changes price. (Read the article)

Our clients

tucano urbano The price tracking gives to the brand a more serious and professional profile. This is really appreciated by those retailers that always respect the brand's pricing rules. At the same time, those that does not respect them are forced to change their behavior according to the brand's requests. (Read the article)