How many hours a day do you spend monitoring your online competitors? How much does this operation cost you in terms of both money and time? You'd better start thinking about that.

The pet market is changing so fast every day. Prices are daily fluctuating and because there is a great demand of these kind of products, e-shops are always trying to call new customers to them with attractive prices. But setting the right price is something that needs to be done weekly, not just in your spare time.

The reason behind needs to be found in the study of your competitors. But the online market is growing everyday with an unthinkable speed and in order to keep growing your business you need watch out for your competitors because the price is the first factor that customers take into consideration when buying online.

The pet business is growing as well in these years and it's very easy making good deals for any kind of online users. If you want to squeeze your business among others, here are some few tips you sould follow when using Competitoor:

1. Set the daily alarm: anytime a competitoor changes price, you'll get to know it right away via e-mail. You can then decide whatever you think it's the best for your business.

2. Sleep tight: don't stress yourself with manual researches. Competitoor collects for you all your online competitors and it shows you in an intuitive and simple dashboard all the results.

3. Change automatically your price: after usually one month you can start using the dynamic price option. You will decide with us the rules you want to set to your prices (for example you want to be 0.01€ above Amazon) and we will daily give you your prices setted according to the rules.

Competitoor can be used in any kind of business field. Contact us to know more about what we can offer! We have different plans according to your needs!