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Competitoor makes automatic your complex and recurrent analysis operations

Competitoor is a software in cloud that is able to collect in an intelligent way the data from the Web sites of any country. The focus of Competitoor is on items their prices sold online. The frequency with who prices are monitored is daily, but it is possible increase the number of checking per day to increase the precision of the research.

Competitoor is based on our proprietary technology

The technologies behind the price recognition in the product sheet, the collection and the production of the data aggregate displayed in the dashboard, have been developed by our in house Competitoor team. Competitoor is the only solution not limited to the EAN code research to perform the price comparison, but it is able to elaborate a numerous other information, from the titles, to the descriptions, image recognition and any other element that can make recognizable a content.

Thanks to the precision of online data collection and interpretation, Competitoor is able to compare identical products, as well as similar products that are designed for the same target of customers.

Competioor is an online service

There is no need to install or configure any software on a physical pc or in the company IT system. The collected data are stored in our database and displayed through a security protocol SSL that guarantee the date are not interceptable.
To use Competitoor you just need a device, an updated browser and an internet connection.

Receive the data from Competitoor

Subscribing to Competitoor the user will receive the credentials to log in its personal dashboard. Depending on the Plan and the functionalities requested, all the data can be exported from Competioor’s dashboard and uploaded in the company Business Intelligence system. As we are experts in automated processes, we also provide an API that can enable your system to retrieve the data automatically, at the frequency you want.

The service’s price is based on how many products you want to monitor and the number of countries that the research needs to cover.


  • Monitor how your products are sold
  • Set up a minimum or maximum price and discover if anyone is violating your prices rules
  • Discover who are the competitors who are trying to hit your client’s target

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  • Compare your prices against the competitoors
  • Manage the dynamic pricing of your catalogue
  • Increase the ROI of your online campaigns

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  • Compare all the prices from different competitors
  • Buy always at the best price
  • Discover where to find the best price to buy

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  • Analyse how your target market changes in the time
  • Chase your competitors strategies
  • Discover new opportunities and new risks

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