Build a solid price policy and promote the products where you are more competitive


Compare online prices is very simple for the consumer, we can't say the same for the merchant, for who is selling this operation is in most of the case painful and extremely expensive.

Pricing are frequently changing and an occasional monitoring of the competition will not drive your business very far, even worse if there is no control at all. Marketplaces like Amazon, eBay and most of your online competitors are using algorithms to research and obtain the best price, the price that makes you in the position to convince the customer to buy and to maximise the profits.

Monitoring the principals competitors is not enough neither, thinking that this is sufficient to remain competitive at the time, it is dangerous. The online advertising, the B2C prices comparators, the every day most refined marketing techniques are offering visibility potentially to everybody. Small price variations are enough to conquer important slices of the market. Through our case study will be easy for you to appreciate how dangerous can be the partial monitoring of the online competitors.

With Competitoor you can relax. This is the most advanced price comparison solution in the B2B market, not only to compare prices but to observe how the market is changing in the time and be automatically alerted when this is happening. With the functionalities of the different plans, if a price is changing, you will be the 1st to know.

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