Competitoor is making you saving time and guarantees precise and reliable daily data

automatize your control and the recurrent activities

The activities to place on the table to be able to sell online with success are complex: starting from the fulfillment of the product sheet to the translations, from the control of the market to the support of the clients needs, to the promotion of online activities to the technical development of the e-Commerce platform, there is the need of a very various portfolio of competencies that need hours, days, months to be properly working.

The data collected automatically by Competitoor will drastically reduce the time spent in actions of routine , that can have a big impact on the company budget. The competitors monitoring, the price variation, the variation of the commercial offers.

These are just a few of the activities that Competitoor can offer through its 4 different plans, giving to your team more time to spend in other activities and the possibility to relay always on real data.

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