With our solution you can automate painful and expensive procedures to take the best decision

3.9 Mil of people, over 50% of the global population, it is working, it is informed and it is buying through Web channels. in the industrial countries this percentage rise up to 95%.
The major use of the internet is the info commerce, in other words, the possibility to obtain information, of a precise item or service, before the purchases are processed. The 84% of the users who buys online compares at least 4 different sites before making any decision.

The e-commerce world has doubled its size and in the past 10 years has been in constant growth.

The online advertising investments have overtaken in 2014 the printed and tv advertising, driven by the intrinsic capacity of the web to be measurable and consequently efficient.

In 60 seconds online it can happen more than what we could manage in an entire life: 3.5 Mil researches on Google, $750,000 of items or services purchased, 4 Mil of video visualization on Youtube, 400,000 tweets.

In such a fast-paced market it is easy to lose any point of refinement and discover that your business is competing with new competitors on the market, not existing the day before.
On the other side, Amazon and eBay, who own 20% of the B2C market, are simplifying the way how the public and small companies are selling on line, with the result of a growth the number of similar offers, fighting against each other for the best final price.

Independently on what is your goal, selling on line, promote your brand or company or just buy at the best price, tring to monitor all your competitoors manually it will become in the near future every day more difficult.

To overcome this technological bottleneck you do have a precious allied in Competitoor. Thanks to its patented technology and thanks to its dedicated plans, Competitoor will automate your daily operations and it will keep you updated in real time regarding any price variation,via e-mail or dashboard alerts.

The 4 Plans that Competitoor offers includes different functionality able to cover all the merchant needs, from the monitoring to the automation of the dynamic pricing. Plans are flexible to meet your need so you can always choose the functionalities depending on your strategies.

Competitoor is the B2B solution that helps brands, e-commerce, buyers and Web Agency to monitor on line pricing and be directly updated on any price variation on the market.

Brand Plan

Dedicated to the manufacturers who are producing, distributing and selling online. It includes different functionalities to monitor the sales network and to monitor the competitors who are selling similar products.

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E-Commerce Plan

Designed to help Store Managers and Marketing Responsible for the optimization of the Pricing Strategies to increase sales and gain margins. It will support your team in building a dynamic pricing system and optimize your marketing investments.

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Buyer Plan

Ideal for buyer office in need of an extensive price monitoring online in order to ensure you are buying at best price. You can also import all the data, analyze it and compare price list of different suppliers.

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Market Plan

The Market Plan is dedicated to those who want to discover their competitors and how they daily modify prices.

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