Stones is an Italian company that distributes forniture for the house with affordable prices while maintaining high quality standards.

For many years Stones promoted furniture such as tables, chairs, armchairs, beds, chandeliers, bioethanol fireplaces, carpets and furnishing accessories.

We had the pleasure to interview Tommaso Montani, responsable for the online shops partners of Stones.

1) Tell us a bit about Stones and in which way you are different from your competitors

Stones has been working in real estate for more than 20 years now. As importers, we are looking for worldwide furniture and design products that can have a winning combination to offer to potential customers. The strength of our business, which is able to create an important gap between us and our competitors, is the ability to propose to customers entire option of home furnishing at affordable prices.

2) In which countries you are currently selling and how many online retailers do you have?

For what concern the traditional market, Italy is for sure the country where our offer is stronger, since more than 5.000 shops are currently selling our products. We are then working to enter the french and german market. It's been now 6/7 years since we started selling online. Today we work with hundreds e-commerce, among which we also have some foreign partners.


3) Who is using Competitoor in your team?

I personally deal with the software and I daily check those partners that are selling Stones' items.

4) Do you think that Competitoor is useful for controlling your market and get to know who is proposing not allowed discounts?

E-commerce is having a strong and steady growth that needs more than just sporadic control. Especially at the beginning of this process where everyone started selling online, prices offered were not entirely in line with our rules. This created many problems with the traditional channel retailers who complained too competitive online prices. Thanks to price tracking with Competitoor, we have been able to decide prices below which we do not want online retailers to go.


5) You've talked about the differences between online and offline, which has been more and more intense in recent years. How do you see the trend in the near future?

Italy is definitely moving a lot on the online market. The turnover from the online retailers increases from year to year and we at Stones are expecting further growth in the years to come. People today are beginning to trust more Internet, they know how to move around and find the best deal on it. The next step will be to combine the price with a range of services that will complete the offer and demonstrate the convenience.