The business world is hard and it’s even harder trying to create your own space in it. Competitors are growing every day and no matter how much you’re trying to shield yourself and your business, they will always try to pull you down. For this reason, you need to be smarter than them. In order to do so, you need to show your offers in a way that appeals your clients.

Here are following six advices you should consider in order to surpass your competitors and guarantee sales.

1. Treat them like they’ve hired you
Even though this might seems a bit unusual, you can get a lot from it. If you want to go faster than your competition, you need to set yourself apart. Showing yourself as if they’ve hired you, requests a different tone in terms of business interaction.

In this way, instead of trying to sell your clients something, your’re trying to solve a problem. The conversation will change from “buy this” to “I have the right solution for this problem”. In this way, you can get benefits and set yourself apart from competition.

2. The importance of the price
More than ever this advice explains how important is the price. Although clients are always looking for the best deal, low price is synonymous of low quality. For this reason clients are scared by a product that has a significantly low price.

In these terms the solution is to give them the right price, taking in consideration your competitor’s ones. The low price is not always the best solution.

3. Thank your costumers with coupons, offers and discounts
Some marketing strategies such as coupons, offers and discounts are a good way to surpass your competitors. Have a static price is not a good choice because the market changes every day, so competition does.
Costumers are more willing to have a look at your website if they know that sometimes you make good offers to your products.

Peter King, the founder of, has the most famous website about coupons and discount codes. He said that “offering discounts on your products can help kick-start a successful sales cycle for your business. Many of the companies that have listed their discount offers on our search engine have begun to experience a surge in growth. It's not just about customers seeing your products, the price has to be a fit.”

4. Selling value over price
The most two important features people are looking for when they purchase are the price and the quality. As we said before, low price is equal to low quality.
If you have a product which price is higher than your costumers ones you need to justify it. Show to your costumers that the price you set is right because the quality is high. In order to beat your competition you need to promote the value of your products or services.

5. Try to match you client’s goals with your offers
Your goal, as retailers, brand or ecommerce, is to accomplish your clients’ needs. If you can anticipate what could be the future needs of your clients you will beat your competition hands down.

This step is not an easy one, you need to set yourself in the future and think about what could take you ahead your competitors. But if you can do that, you'll defeat your competition any day.

6. Set up tiered pricing
Providing your clients with different prices will allows you to reach a vaster range of costumers. While your competitors will get only one segment of the population, you will have the chance to get a wider reach.

Once you’ve follow all these strategies, you will notice the difference in your business.