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Mar 23
tracking amazon

4 good reasons to monitor Amazon

For those that have an online business, Amazon is becoming a serious enemy in the daily business. The pricing policy of the website is extremely aggressive and it’s able to shut down any kind of e-commerce. Moreover, thanks to the trust that Amazon build up, the users that are willing to buy from the websites

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Feb 23

How monitoring the right competitor

Tracking the competition is a process that cannot be overstepped nowadays. Whoever has an online business, or has its items sold online by retailers, might want to know precisely who are those retailers and at how much they are proposing the product. Knowing who your competitors are, and what they are offering, can help you

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Feb 8

The importance of tracking Amazon

*some information have been taken from the web

Feb 23

Amazon is a search engine for shopping

In 2012 the NY Times wrote: “…In 2009, 25% of those who wanted to buy online started from a search engine like Google, 18% directly from Amazon (from a study by Forrester Research). In 2011 only 13% was from a search engine while 30% typed directly into Amazon’s search bar…”. Knowing how Amazon orders products from different

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