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Nov 23

Facing the Black Friday in the right way

One of the most awaited event of the year is just around the corner and you need to be ready for the jungle prices that it’s gonna take place out there! The Black Friday represents a great chance for any retailer that wants to capitalize on it. If you run and online shopping, Cyber Monday

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Mar 8

The evergreen challenge in the e-commerce marketplace

The online shopping has become a thing lately. The ecommerce is growing so fast that in Italy 18.8 million of italian had purchased on Internet during the 2016. It usually happens that 12% of the people on the Internet google only to get informations about a specific product and the 88% actually want to purchase

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Feb 8

The importance of tracking Amazon

*some information have been taken from the web

Jan 25

Saving money buying stationery online

Prices characterized by constant fluctuation are called “dynamic“. Nowadays the Internet is full of retailers and e-commerce ready to apply this kind of strategy. With patience and time, is rather easy finding good deal on the items you’re interested in, with prices different one another up to 50%. In these terms, if you are quite

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Jan 18

The challenging relationship between brand and retailers

The relationship between the brand and the retailer has changed a lot in these years. Thanks to the Internet the online shopping has had a massive increase and countless are the online retailers. Today it’s easy to find a very good deal on Internet with prices far below the brand’s ones. In these terms, for

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Jan 4

2017 eCommerce trend

7 e-commerce trend that are about to explode in 2017 In the previous article we discussed the main changes that have marked the e-commerce field during 2016. And it’s quite clear however, that 2017 will be just as full of originality and freshness. So it’s important to understand what are the main trends in the

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Nov 16

When should you buy online?

There are specific days and moments in which is more convenient buying online: here are five advices you should keep in mind. Is there the perfect moment for shopping? Yes, online more than ever. Prices are not always the same because they vary according to the demand. It works in the same way as the

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Nov 2


With this article we want to highlight the change that hit the e-commerce business with the explosion of the economic crisis, the birth of specific websites for comparing prices and all the changes regarding the way people buy online. In these terms, people that purchase online are always careful about the price, trying always to

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Feb 23

Amazon is a search engine for shopping

In 2012 the NY Times wrote: “…In 2009, 25% of those who wanted to buy online started from a search engine like Google, 18% directly from Amazon (from a study by Forrester Research). In 2011 only 13% was from a search engine while 30% typed directly into Amazon’s search bar…”. Knowing how Amazon orders products from different

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