With this article we want to highlight the change that hit the e-commerce business with the explosion of the economic crisis, the birth of specific websites for comparing prices and all the changes regarding the way people buy online. In these terms, people that purchase online are always careful about the price, trying always to find the best one, on the best website, without falling in the scams net.
With the advent of the economic crisis, websites such as Trovaprezzi became more and more wanted by the users, allowing people to find the best deal and, at the same time, making the e-commerce grow.

Although the process people go through when buying online does not comprehend only the price, it is sure that it is among the most important features in the rank. The price is the hardest part for retailers when it comes to sell online a product they have in store. If the retailer is used to apply a price of 10 euros to a specific item, when it comes in the online world he cannot apply the same one. In order to apply the best price he also have to check the ones of his competitors.

When a retailer propose an item which price is 10% more compared to the same one of a shop located 50km away, it is not influencing the decision of purchase. Because in these terms, the costumer is willing to spend a little more, saving gasoline and time on the way to the other shop.

In the online platform the purchase process works differently. People are willing to spend the due time checking all the websites in order to find the best deal. So, they can either decide to check every single website or type a compared prices website such as Trovaprezzi.

Any novice user with the online purchase, is going firstly to type the desired item on the search engine (like google.it). Once he got a list of possible websites where to find the product, he will check all the prices, comparing them in order to find the best one. Afterwards he decided where to shop, he’s going to check for some specific reviews of the website such as costumer service, time delivery, reliability. If the information he got were acceptable he would purchase it.
People purchased in this kind of way for lots of years and some of them still do this, even thought today’s websites such as Trovaprezzi are widely used.

With Trovaprezzi you have the chance to give them your entire catalogue so they can insert it in their website. When a possible costumer click on the item which is linked to your websites, you get a new visit. But it is not sure that that user is going to purchase the item viewed. In this way, called pay per click, you’re going to pay Trovaprezzi for an user that had viewed your item but not purchased it.
So here comes the questions Why should I give to Trovaprezzi my top sales items but also the ones that are not on the top rank list of my sales? How can I know which are the most clicked products on Trovaprezzi and then check what I have in my catalogue?
Here is the easy answer: you should not. And how can you know that? With an easy software like Competitoor. With Competitoor you can fast know which are your most competitive products and then decide which ones upload on Trovaprezzi. In this way you’re not going to pay for unnecessary click and so to say, focus on those items that are more wanted by costumers.