Vaillant is among the most important companies in the heating field and air conditioning technology in Italy. Vaillant offers heating, air conditioning and eco-friendly solutions, all geared towards using renewable energies.

We had the pleasure to interview Marco Travaini, Head of Digital Marketing in Vaillant Group Italy.

1) Tell us a bit about Vaillant and in which way you are different from your competitors

Speaking of the italian market, Vaillant is considered the leader when it comes the domestic comfort. More precisely it offers heating solutions and warm water production.

One of our strengths is represented now from the over 600 official technical assistance centers spreaded all over our country. This year we were the first company in Italy with an important assistance centers IMQ network.

2) In which countries you are currently selling and how many online retailers do you have?

The idea behind the use of a tool such as Competitoor, was following a specific need we did have. We were looking for a tool that would helped us daily tracking all the prices of our prducts online.
The first step we agreed with Competitoor's team, was to create a customized dasboard in order to insert all the products we wanted to track. Today we can finally have all the information we need in just one click. Moreover, the tool is of great support to our commercial division.

3) Overall are you satisfied by the results and the support you get with Competitoor?

Today, after a first period of tests I can finally tell you that we are using the software almost every day and I can confirm the reliability of it. Today, we are able to know a click far where are sold our products and at what price each e-retailer is selling it.

Before we started using Competitoor we used to manually check each e-tailer, but it took us lot of time and a resources.

4) Who is using Competitoor in your team?

The software is mainly used by the marketing and commercial division.

5) How do you see the online market in the next years?

In the thermo-hydraulic field we would never have thought that the online sales could be succesful. The reality was indeed very far from what we thought and today many are the italian and foreign companies that are selling our products online. I think we can easily say that in our field the e-commerce is growing and I'm sure it has a great future ahead.