Price Intelligence
and Competitive Monitoring

We help brands and retailers monitor the pricing of their competitors

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Thanks to our price intelligence system

Brands can:
  • - Protect their value
  • - Save manual monitoring wasted time
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Retailers can:
  • - Set up dynamic prices
  • - Increase their income and turnover
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    The best solution to monitor online prices


    Improve your sales, protect your value, stay competitive


    For brand and manufacturing companies that need to monitor their sales network and competitors
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    Increase revenue and profit margins through optimization of pricing strategies
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    To efficiently manage recursive or scheduled online purchases, saving time by comparing bids
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    To make the best decisions thanks to a perfect knowledge of the market and its competitors
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    All the advantages you can get by automatically check prices online

    Explore your market

    Take the right decision on real time data that are always updated

    Increase your sales

    It is not with the lowest price you sell but with the right price.

    Protect your business

    Discover your real competitors and their next move.

    Monitor online prices

    Choose the best plan for your needs

    Save your time

    Time dedicated to activities that can be automated is time wasted.

    Dynamic Prices

    Dynamic prices increase revenue and profit margins.

    Analyze your competitors’ prices

    Competitoor evaluates your competitors on a daily basis,
    to ensure that you are continually competitive.

    The frequency of price changes, prevalence of marketplaces, and online price transparency put more pressure on retailers and brands alike to keep up with online product and pricing information.
    With Competitoor, Retailers and Brands get deep insights about their competitive situation and as a result they can act upon, based on comprehensive and solid data.

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    The importance of dynamic pricing


    The dynamic pricing strategy finds its roots in the powerful idea of changing prices according to competition. Dynamic pricing is not a newborn kind of strategy, airline companies used to use it in the 80′ for fixing ticket prices. Thanks to technology, today is, however, possible to take advantage of different automatic tools that have

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    Dynamic vs static pricing


    For those managers that are running an online business, today’s competition price tracking is as important as taking the right strategic marketing decisions on the pricing policy in order to increase the business. One of the most common pricing strategies that online managers use is for sure the continuous price variation, that it is affected

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