why competitoor

Your best ally to monitor the market

why competitoor

Your best ally to monitor the market

Customers are just a click away from comparing the prices of an e-commerce site or an in-store purchase
Comparing prices online is the crucial factor affecting consumers’ buying decisions
For businesses, adopting advanced technologies and artificial intelligence is no longer a choice but a necessity

Our strengths


98.5% data accuracy


Customizable platform


Implementation in half the time compared to competition


Integration via API or Plug and Play Saas platform


Analytics and reports in various formats


Daily web crawling

Having market knowledge is the key to staying competitive

To beat the competition and step up sales, margins and the brand’s overall value, companies need to constantly monitor retailers and competitors.

AI is no longer a need but a necessity

Competitoor’s use of AI tools makes it possible to gather and handle a huge amount of data on prices and the market, giving clients a measurable competitive advantage and saving them significant time and money.

We combine passion and expertise

By uniting technology and our knowledge of the different markets, and thanks to a model based on ongoing collaboration with clients, we transform gathered data into easily usable information of value.


increase in sales
+ 0 %
increase in margins
+ 0 %
less time to analyze the assortment
- 0 %
reduction of MAPVs (minimum advertised price violations)
- 0 %
capitalizing on trends
+ 0 %

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