brand intelligence

Monitor your distribution network and keep tabs on your competitors

brand intelligence

Monitor your distribution network and keep tabs on your competitors

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Reseller price monitoring and product matching

Your potential customers come into contact with your products via search engines and resellers’ websites, through online ads and on social networks. Manually monitoring your resellers’ prices is a very costly and complex undertaking, especially if your sales network is spread across different countries. 

Competitoor can simplify your reseller research and monitoring activities. Our technology uses artificial intelligence and machine learning to recognize which and how many products from your catalog are for sale on websites and marketplaces and monitor their prices daily.

Brands who have chosen Competitoor as a partner to monitor their online sales networks have seen improvement in their relationships with resellers and increases in orders within a few short months.

Monitoring ancillary costs

It is important for brands to be constantly monitoring not only the prices of products online, but ancillary costs as well, since these also have an impact on the consumer’s purchase-decision process. 

Manually measuring these additional expenses is a burdensome and time-consuming process that is unlikely to yield precise data, given that these costs are variable and are often reported only after the purchasing stage is complete.

Competitoor monitors and gathers together all ancillary expenses, such as delivery, installation and packing costs, taxes, etc., and makes them available and easily accessible on a dashboard.

MAPV Monitoring

MAPV (Minimum Advertised Price Violation) Monitoring can help brands to preserve their Brand Value by notifying them, via warning systems, when someone is setting particularly aggressive prices that are harmful to their brand image. 

For luxury brands in particular, ensuring that MAPs are respected serves to protect brand integrity, increase online market share and build brand loyalty among consumers.

In a constantly growing marketplace, unauthorized resellers can proliferate easily, and identifying them manually becomes a real challenge for brands.

Competitoor supplies the capacity for observation needed to continuously monitor every sales channel. Our platform and our artificial intelligence algorithms will enable you to easily identify unauthorized resellers, monitor MAPs and take the appropriate actions to safeguard your brand and consumers.

Benchmarking Analysis

It is essential for a brand to understand in advance what its competitors are doing, in order to zero in on a successful merchandise mix that will boost sales and build brand loyalty among consumers. Doing so requires an in-depth knowledge of the market combined with strategic insights and data about the competition.

Competitoor’s Benchmark plan makes it possible to monitor competitors’ entire catalogs, identifying strengths and weaknesses, threats and opportunities by analyzing a variety of aspects, such as price distribution by configurable range, assortment depth, materials used, and product assortment vitality, thanks to analyses of historical data.

Thanks to the strategic insights gained through benchmark analysis, you can make knowledgeable and data-informed decisions, enabling you to optimize your merchandise mix and pricing strategies.

Monitoring merchandising

Any brand that wishes to attract ever greater numbers of consumers to its products and increase its sales by homing in on successful pricing strategies must analyze and compare its catalog with those of its competitors within a given marketplace.  

The Merchandising plan enables a brand to analyze its own assortment depth and advertising pressure compared to its competitors within one specific marketplace. 

Historical data collected by Competitoor enables brands to analyze trends in order to position their products to the best advantage within multi-brand digital storefronts and adopt successful competitive strategies.


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