Markets we support


Markets we support

Competitoor has the solution for your business, no matter which market you’re in. We operate globally in over 15 sectors and our platform can be customized to adapt to the specific needs and requirements of each industry.

Fashion and Luxury

The fashion and luxury market is constantly evolving and consumer buying behavior is highly influenced by the information that can be easily found on the Internet and social media. As they get more and more aggressive with their price policies, e-commerce sites are becoming a risk to brand value and margins. 

Competitoor helps brands and e-tailers monitor competitors and distributors on a daily basis and lets them compare their catalogs against their competitors’ to spot strengths and weaknesses and optimize their assortment and positioning in the market.

DIY - Do It Yourself

Over recent years, the size of the DIY market has been growing at double-digit rates and there’s greater consumer awareness and sensitivity to price, which is the biggest challenge for brands and e-commerce sites. That’s why companies need to adopt effective pricing strategies to stay competitive in a turbulent market where price is becoming more of a driver in consumer choices and impacting both digital and brick-and-mortar operations.

Competitoor supports brands and retailers in the DIY industry in monitoring the prices competitors are charging for the same and/or similar products and provides the needed insights to pinpoint and maintain the correct position in the market and gain an advantage over competitors.

Consumer electronics

The consumer electronics market has witnessed a significant shift in sales from brick-and-mortar stores to the online channel. Price is one of the main factors leading to consumers’ choice of store and price comparison engines help steer the choices between different brands, enabling comparison of products that are similar in features and mode of use.

Therefore, there is an emerging need among brands and e-commerce sites for monitoring competitors and distributors in order to build more and more effective offers, gain customers, and breed loyalty.


The pharmaceutical market is a highly regulated area and here we find pharmacies and drugstores that are beginning to complement their physical store sales with the digital channel. The number of consumers buying pharmaceuticals online for convenience, privacy or price is growing. 

Competitoor works in partnership with major pharmaceutical companies and supports them in their analysis of the online distribution. It also helps e-commerce sites and online pharmacies maintain the right positioning in an extremely competitive market, where price is the only differentiator in most cases.

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In addition to the markets mentioned, Competitoor offers solutions to suit countless industries, from automotive to toys, services and plenty more

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