1 February 2017

Why you should stop monitoring your competitors manually

Price is among the most important factors that people take in consideration when purchasing online.
The increasing amount of e-commerce on the Internet raises the pressure when it comes to deciding which one could be the best price according to competitors. Day by day we are struggling with new competitors that are added to the list of competitors we want to keep an eye on.
Thus, it is getting more and more difficult to stay updated in terms of offers, catalogue and price variation. In order to be competitive, it is extremely important to be always updated about what our competitors are doing. Checking them manually requires a lot of time, time that could be dedicated to other important operations if we could do it automatically.

Here below are listed 4 main reasons why you should stop checking your competitors manually:

1. Save time

Manually checking your competitors or retailers online can cost a lot in terms of time and money. It depends on the size of your catalogue, but you can benefit from an automatic check by, for instance, concentrating your staff on other important operations.

2. Check your market in a deeper way

An automated price tracker allows you to get a better idea of what your market consists of. Competitoor helps you do market research that allows you to discover new competitors other than those you already know.
Moreover, there’s no limit to the items you want to track. Competitoor offers you different plans, so you can choose the one that best fits your needs.

3. Be updated in real time

Competitoor emails you every time a competitor or a retailer changes a price. In this way you can see in real time how your market is working, and make specific decisions. Being updated on any change is crucial if you want to respond accordingly.

4. Forget about human errors

Automatically checking your competitors or retailers allows you to minimize human errors. Such errors could be crucial when you are exporting your data to Excel or CSV format. When you are going to work on them, you’ll probably end up making the wrong decision.

The return on investment you have by using a tool such as Competitoor is very fast and easy. Customers such as Tucano Urbano are deeply satisfied with the tool that allows them to monitor their retailers in an easier way.
Also e-commerce can get a lot of benefits using Competitoor. You can see in real time how your competitors are doing business and take the right decision in the right moment. You will not be left behind if you have the right information in the right moment.

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