Prices characterized by constant fluctuation are called "dynamic". Nowadays the Internet is full of retailers and e-commerce ready to apply this kind of strategy. With patience and time, is rather easy finding good deal on the items you're interested in, with prices different one another up to 50%.
In these terms, if you are quite good on tiping on Google and you have enought time to make a deep research, you can find a dress, an air conditioner, a bag or rather some jewellery with 50% off price.

Usually a 10% off is easy to find on the Internet at anytime of the year.
Saving always 10% off to any online purchasing means that you actually have a free month from work during the year, and so to say, finding in your pockets the same amount of money when consumptions are equivalent. It isn't bad is it?

If we apply what I just wrote above to the business environment we may find out that this is the main focus when talking about the annual budget. Saving money for forniture and stationery, for a company means more budget for marketing, R&D and salaries. Not all the companies are selling their items online, but all of them can purchase on the Internet for sure. If some years ago some specific items were not available or worthy on the Internet, today it's not like that anymore. The e-commerce on the Internet is daily growing, and more and more are the e-commerce among which to choose when it comes to purchase online. Thanks to marketplaces, b2b websites and e-commerce, today anything is purchasable on Internet.

Differenza tra prezzo online e prezzo negozio

Due to the total cost or to the specific contract terms, making the online payment is not always possible, but still purchasing online is always a great deal.

The only important issue regarding the private costumer or the company purchasing department is: how long do they need to invest, in terms of time, to get to know the right price of an intem they want to purchase online?

The time-cost combination necessary for finding the best deal needs to be added to the best online deal. The result may be far above the prices we can easily find in the traditional shops.

Differenza tra prezzo online e prezzo negozio

The time-cost is getting smaller when increasing the items to purchase, but it's not always possible making a big purchase.

More than 90% of the companies are always struggling when it comes to choose the best option between the online and the offline purchase.
The best formula able to represent the concept of convenience, is not always easy to solve:

Instore price* <=> Online price + time

Differenza tra prezzo online e prezzo negozio

As shown by the graphic the breack-even point, or so to say the best price you can find online that has to overcome the traditional market, is linked to the number of items purchased.

By using Competitoor, companies are able to crash the tracking costs, by moving the online purchase deals on the united purchase.
The acquisition of a printer, a chair or a specific item of a particular category or price range, is getting easy with Competitoor.

Differenza tra prezzo online e prezzo negozio

Competitoor keeps tracked the online prices and it emails you when they change. In this way your purchasing department can have a clear idea of who and how many are the retailers that are selling the same item with a different price. Competitoor is not just able to track all the prices, but it also tells you who are those retailers with the best price.


With Competitoor you will be able to choose which products you want to keep an eye on. Planning in advance your purchases you will be able to take advantage on the dynamic pricing strategy, keeping tracked also those offers on the foreign markets.
Competitoor offers you different tipes of plan according to your needs. The cost vary depending on the number of items you want to track, in this way you get a better price than the one related to a person time-cost. Competitoor also gives you precise and updated information.
Finally, speaking about those prices that you cannot find online, Competitoor offers you the chance to analyze and compare those prices from different data, such as Excel, Csv or XML files from different retailers.

Competitoor is the best support you can have if your company wants to purchase forniture, stationery or anything else online. It helps you making good deal because it helps you improving your pricing policies when selling, and saving time as well as money when purchasing.

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