17 November 2022

Competitoor helps a global luxury fashion brand, define the brand value and improve customer loyalty

The Challenge:

Protecting Brand Value

As multi-brand retailers compete for customers in the fashion market, they sometimes resort to discounting, which can undermine a brand’s value. This luxury fashion company realized it needed to monitor the market to understand how various e-tailers position and price the brand worldwide and it also required a solution that could provide a comprehensive view of competitive dynamics in real time.

The Solution:

Price and Market Intelligence Solutions from Competitoor

This luxury fashion brand turned to Competitoor, the leader in price and market intelligence solutions for the fashion industry, to provide the intelligence platform it needed. Competitoor’s ability to collect, monitor, and analyze price and competitor data around the world gives the customer the insights it needs to make intelligent pricing decisions.

The Results:

Informed Decisions

Competitoor gives the customer a significant competitive advantage. Key benefits include:


  • Reduction of costs for data collection and transformation


  • Higher data quality (98.5%)


  • Increased ability to monitor competitors and e-tailers and make informed decisions                                                                               


  • Reduction of MAPV (minimum advertised price violations) applied by e-tailers


Our AI algorithms, semantic and image identification technology, combined with machine learning and deep learning, transform data into information and actions, giving brands an edge on the competition. You can book a free demo of the platform here.

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