On November 22nd the CEO of Competitoor, Davide Lugli, will take a speech at the Hilton stage for the last day of the Brand Protection Congress in Munich. The Brand Protection Congress is a very important meeting that provides awareness to the brand owners in mitigating the counterfeiting issues and brand infringements.

The speech will be focused on how Brands can protect their value from aggressive discounts applied by e-Tailers. Competitoor's price intelligence system will support them in these steps.

Among the partecipants we find: Heineken, Audi, BMW, DeLonghi, GoPro, Danone, Ikea, Land Rover, L'Oreal, Puma, British Tobacco.

The Brand plan of Competitoor helps Brands to automatically control all the worldwide e-Tailers, allowing them to save money and get precise data for the whole sales manager and the marketing department.