Competitoor is able to satisfy any kind of need for any type of customer, whether it is a brand or an eCommerce. We offer different plans among which you can choose in order to benefit your requests.

The plans we offer for Brands and eCommerce are usually very simple: brands want to monitor the e-tailers and eCommerce are interested in tracking their competitors. But when it comes to the Fashion industry Brands the offer they'd like to get is slightly different.

Through time we understood that the best way to serve these kinds of brands was to help them compare their catalogue with those of competitors. Comparing catalogue allows you to highlight what are your strengths and weaknesses so you can get what path you should follow from then on.


Of course, with this kind of match we are not comparing the exact same t-shirt, dress or jacket, but only the categories or generic products that can be compared. You will then have a proper one to one comparison between your catalogue and your competitors' one. This view allows you to see how each category is composed: were are you lacking in the offer and where you are stronger.

If you work in the fashion industry and you want to know more about this topic, contact us!