26 January 2016

10 factors for selling online with higher prices than the competition

Last week we listed the first 5 factors that make it possible to increase sales by keeping the price in line with the competition. Today we will explore the other 5 important points to pay attention to if you want to successfully sell online.

6) Catalog, variants and accessories

There is nothing worse for those who buy online than having to order on two competing websites. It means a double payment process and double delivery; in other words, a lot of time. And it is equally unfortunate not to find the right size or color that you hoped to find. Anyone would be willing to spend more in order not to have these setbacks.
By using Competitoor, the store manager can know in real time when a competitor doesn’t have a product available in the catalogue and maximize this competitive advantage.

7) Customer service and support

One of the positive aspects of buying online is the absence of a salesperson constantly at your heels offering advice. When you buy online, you can calmly look at the products, compare them to each other, put them in your cart, remove them from the cart, and not feel guilty if you don’t buy anything. But what happens if something goes wrong? The typical reaction is feeling abandoned and the reaction is nothing short of losing trust in that online shop. Tools such as online chat and FAQ sections dedicated to customer support are essential.

8) General quality of the site

From many points of view, an online shop can be compared to a physical shop. Indeed, giving a warm welcome to customers and a clear description of the products is crucial. In addition to graphics and structural elements, there are the buttons, product images and the text size. In order to guarantee a good browsing experience, these elements have to be calibrated, i.e., the website must be user-friendly and accessible. A good website improves the shopping experience, and a good shopping experience justifies higher prices.

9) Shopping cart and registration

According to Amazon, it only takes 23 seconds on average from placing a product in the shopping cart to the actual purchase of it. Some institutional sites, such as the one of the Italian Postal Service, require over 10 minutes to complete an order if you are not registered. With the rise of mobile purchases, reducing the complexity of this delicate phase is crucial, as it is essential to check and promptly recover abandoned shopping carts.

10) Real vs. Virtual

Knowing that there are real people, a company and physical inventory behind the website helps the sales process. Especially if you have a small or medium-sized online shop, it is advisable to tell your story in order to create a personal relationship with the customer. For example, the Avionblu.com website, although selling online gourmet products throughout Europe, is managed by an experienced chef who advises customers on how to prepare the raw food they have just purchased.
When your sales increase, you will be able to automate everything, but you need a personal touch to make your market grow.

There are other factors besides these 10 that help enhance sales, yet keep prices in line with the competition. But they are linked to the market segment in which your online shop operates. Soon we will explore the different online markets one by one, and we will give you tips on how to use Competitoor at its best.

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