Protecting from competition

Defend your business from your competitors

Discover who are your real competitors and spy on their strategies

Defend your business from your competitors

With Competitoor's functionalities you are able to know who is selling the same products as yours. If you are store manager that sells online, with the E-Commerce Plan, Competitoor will give you the possibility to discover, for each product of your catalogue, who are your competitors and what are their actual prices. This information, updated in the time, is essential to transmit to your customers the various offer that you can place in the field, avoiding to compete only on the basis of the lowest price or extra discounts.

if, instead, you are working for a Brand that distribute its products through a network of sales, with the Brand Plan you can compare the competitiveness of your catalogue against the Brand competitors.

You can, for example, compare an entire category against the competitors' same category, finding in what part of the catalogue your less strong and where you have more variety and you can offer a better deal. Keep an automatic eye, able to recognize what you need, always pointed against your competitors, it will help you to differentiate your business from the competitors and it will help you studying their best strategies.

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