Easy to use, always available

Competitoor is the B2B tool that keeps track of your online competitors and notifies you every move they do

Competitoor keeps track of any web page, not considering its technical platform.

You can use it from your mobile, tablet, notebook or PC. You only need few clicks to face analysis intruments and if any of yours competitors change price, you will be the first one to know.

We protect your data with a cryptographic SSL protocol; you will be the only one to have access on it.

Competitoor is at your side to support you and make your online business grow.

Explore your market

In order to help Brands and Manufacturers to solve problems with the online sales, Competitoor offers a specific plan which is divided in two parts.

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Increase your sales

It is not with the lowest price that you are going to beat your competitors, but with the right one. In order to know the right price to propose on the market and so, increase your margins, you need to check your market and who are your competitors.

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Protect yourself from competitors

For each product you are offering, Competitoor allows you to know who are your competitors and their prices.

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Compare online prices

By using Competitoor you will realize how often prices change online. Not to mention that the sporadic check are not enough for you to be competitive.

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Optimize your time

The time spend on manual operations, is wasted time. Competitoor allows you to save time and guarantees you precise and daily data.

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