Monitoring the prices of your competitos is a foundamental activity when you sell online, and each category of products has its precise rules. For this reasons, Competitoor offers various plans with different functionalities, studied for the targeted market. Variants, sizes, colours, packaging and configurable products, are not a paramount for Competitoor. Shops can offer different cobimation hard to compare, but the semantic technology underpinning our product can track even the smalles imperceptible variations.
12 major online categories, offering puntual data always updated.

Compatitoor is the "must have" B2B tool for Store Managers and Companies who want to save time and be always updated regarding the competitor's prices policy, and be able to analyse easely a huge ammount of data.

Competitoor does not need any technical configuration or integration on your side, you just need to subscribe to one of our plans and the service is instatly activated and you will be able to see all the information detailed in your plan, with the consistency and the display shown in the screen shoots.

You will be instantly able to monitor your competitors and compare all the prices available on line in your market.


Select the market that you would like to monitor to receive more information on how Competitoor can help your team to increase the sales and revenue.