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Dec 13

Competitoor’s plan for Fashion Industry Brands

Competitoor is able to satisfy any kind of need for any type of customer, whether it is a brand or an eCommerce. We offer different plans among which you can choose in order to benefit your requests. The plans we offer for Brands and eCommerce are usually very simple: brands want to monitor the e-tailers

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Aug 24

Make sure you have everything under control

Being a Brand today is not easy. Internet is a double-edged sword because if it allows you to reach a great number of potential customers, it also get very difficult for a Brand to control that its pricing rules are followed. With MAP (minimum advertised price) is intended the minimum price allowed when selling the

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Jan 18

The challenging relationship between brand and retailers

The relationship between the brand and the retailer has changed a lot in these years. Thanks to the Internet the online shopping has had a massive increase and countless are the online retailers. Today it’s easy to find a very good deal on Internet with prices far below the brand’s ones. In these terms, for

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