There are specific days and moments in which is more convenient buying online: here are five advices you should keep in mind.

Is there the perfect moment for shopping? Yes, online more than ever. Prices are not always the same because they vary according to the demand. It works in the same way as the low cost flights, the more they are booked, the more the price is getting high.

Why prices change constantly?
How does the price variation are influencing the product? Through the Dynamic Pricing concept Brands and eCommerce write down their own marketing strategy in order to increase their income. The Dynamic Pricing finds its roots in the supply and demand field, in the competition’s prices and lots of other factors. In this way, the prices of an eCommerce can be increased up to 30% when using tools such as Google Analytics or Cookies, they can get what we are interested in and then give us a “customized” price.

When it’s more convenient making an online purchase?
A research realized by idealo, a comparative website, did one week comparison of 7642 products’ prices of Italian and UK eCommerce. They where about videogames, fitness tracker, game console, camping tend, tv and smartphone.

Benefits? Yes, first of all it’s important purchase at the beginning of the week rather than the end. Ecommerce consider all the habits we have, like fulfil our online trolley on Monday and then purchase during the weekend. The best day to purchase is Monday or Tuesday, the worst one is Sunday.


The most evident price variation is located in Great Britain, where we can see that during the weekend the price of an item can be increased up to the 18%. On the other hand, in Italy we are talking about a 2% increase and it happens usually on Thursday and Saturday. In these terms is important to keep in mind which products are wanted the most and ready to receive a price variation due to the Dynamic Pricing system.

Some simple advices to purchase online
SAFE SHOPPING: first of all, for a very safe purchase on an eCommerce make sure that the website is reliable, checking some reviews on Internet. Second of all, if you can make a very good deal with a luxury product just wonder whether it could be fake or not.

SAFE NET: avoid purchasing in a public space. Also, remember that the eCommerce without our permission, is not allowed memorizing our credit card. Every time we make a new purchase we have to fill the payment page with our credit card data.

HOW TO SAVE YOUR TIME: the key why people purchase online is that you can do it anywhere at anytime. We save our favourite website and make a wish list of the products we want to purchase, till we actually do it.

MAKE GOOD DEALS: purchasing online make easier good deals since usually sales start before the usual period. Sign up for receiving newsletter, in this way you will be always updated about any promotion and sales.

WHAT IF WE DON’T LIKE TI ANYMORE?: when it comes to buy clothes online the issue is what if we don’t actually like it when we try it on. Well, eCommerce policy make this process easier by allowing people returning the item without any problem and giving the money back.