The e-commerce are becoming part of our daily life, and more often we use them to check offers to compare to the in store ones. The global system of e-commerce is growing rapidly year by year. The new generations are closer and closer to the web, thanks to the Internet connection that today is available to everyone. Not to mention, the use of smartphones, that make the purchase process even easier.
It is true that Italy is not at the same level of the rest of european countries. We are far behind those where the e-commerce is widely spread. At the top of the rank we find Great Britain, with an income of 60 million during 2015. Very common is also the mobile commerce (m-commerce), which is heading for a further acceleration next years.

Even though Italy is not taking part of the european podium, we cannot say that it is the sharp end of the stick. During 2016 companies that have an e-commerce are 16.000 and are meant to grow to 50.000 in 2025.

ecommerce in Italy

More in depth, the districts more willing to purchase from an e-commerce are Lombardia, Lazio, Campania, Emilia Romagna, Piemonte, Veneto and Toscana.
More than half of the italian population is connected to Internet nowadays, thus we can deduce that the e-commerce is going to spread itself also in those districts where it lacks of presence.

2016 has been a special year for what concern food and beverage online purchase. This kind of field sees an increase of +30% compared to the previous year, with a total value of 575 million of euro.

During the last meeting of Netcomm Forum, it has been presented a very important information for what concern the e-commerce world. It has been shown that the e-commerce in Italy has reached 19,3 billion during the current year.

ecommerce growth

What are the most diffused e-commerce in Italy? It is easy to imagine that at the top of the rank we can easily find the pillar of the e-commerce: Amazon.
Continuing with the ranking we can find Ebay and Booking. After that, Trenitalia, Groupon, Zalando, Trivago, Edreams, Vodafone e iTunes.

Mobile trend
During the last years tablets and smartphones has been so widely used, that they don't find any kind of difference in terms of age, sex or country. It’s also sure that the mix smartphone plus Internet gets easier and easier being connected and updated to the online world.
The number of people that are purchasing online through mobile is increasing these year, thanks to the birth of online platform that are getting easier and safe at the same time the purchase process.
Italy is hosting the birth of this kind of process too, even though once again, we have a long way to go to reach Great Britain.
In USA the online purchase through tablet is still having a huge increase.

Datas from the first months of 2016 tell us that this year has been the year of the smartphone. Even though most of people are still purchasing from tablet rather than the smartphone, it will be very interesting seeing how it will be in some years.

ecommerce mcommerce

Through the online process with smartphone is important to rethink about the purchase process according to some logics of the device we use. The apps are the perfect solution if a person wants to purchase online because they make the process easier, faster through safe online payments. Just to name fews: Amazon, Amason Now, Alibaba, Yoox, Zalando and a lot more. Indeed the 85% of the time spent by users in front of a smartphone, is spent by checking the app.

Online cars sale
The 2016 has been the year where the online cars sale has been possible. Fiat made an agreement with Amazon for selling some cars in the online platform.
The only reason why we still go the agency is to get some discounts and so to say a good final price. But what would happen if we could easily choose and purchase a car with a good price online? Thanks to this agreement, during the 2016 it has been possible purchase a citycar or a family car directly on Amazon.

If you are one of those with a clear idea on mind, a long process like this could be easier.

Amazon-Home Made
During 2016 Amazon decided to expand the business to the home made world. After a period of trial in the USA, it decided to give also to the italian artisans the chance to diversify their business by launching it online.
For what concerns the italian version of the website, you can find a vast range of products, with the only feature that are hand made.
In this way, everyone who create unique items, can easily create a profile on Amazon and sell the products online.

It is a chance to shine and diversify the business income for those sector where the sales are not as easy as in others. Taking this kind of strategy in years marked by the crisis represents an important step because the web has huge potentials.

The Christmas e-commerce
Christmas 2016 has become more and more digital. Not to mention, there’s been an increase of 18% compared to the past year. The e-commerce during the Christmas period has reached 4,5 billion of euro this year. Indeed one italian out of 4 has made a purchase online.

Among the most wanted products there are not only clothes, electronics or travels. The virtual trolleys of the italians were fulfilled also with typical italian products (food and beverages), gift card, dinner or special courses.

It is also sure that the e-commerce helps people to limit the stress linked to the in-store purchase, specially during the Christmas period. Moreover, it offers a vast range of items among which you can choose in your fancy home, taking advantage of discounts or special offers.

In conclusion, we can say that 2016 has been a very interesting year from the e-commerce point of view. Thanks to the Black Friday, Christmas, the m-commerce, this “new” way of purchasing items saw an incredible increase this year. But there’s a long way to go. All the data for the 2017 can only be more positive and higher than this year.
We are running through a more and more digital world which requires a deep study of what are our competitors. In order to be competitive, it will be necessary know in real time how our competitors are doing business, if and how much they prices are changing and what are their pricing policy. In a world such as this, so digital, people know how to make good deals on the Internet, which websites make good offers and the purchase through tablet and mobile without losing too much time in store.
It’s going to be very important to make great offers and prices that are on the average with the competitors’ ones.
To conclude, is always good to keep in mind that is not the lowest price that let us overcome the competition. The best price is settled after a careful study of what my competitors’ are offering.