7 e-commerce trend that are about to explode in 2017

In the previous article we discussed the main changes that have marked the e-commerce field during 2016. And it's quite clear however, that 2017 will be just as full of originality and freshness.
So it's important to understand what are the main trends in the e-commerce field that we will have the opportunity to see and experience during this year.

Chat bots
From Facebook to Whatsapp, from Twitter to Google Allo. All these platforms have recently introduced the ability to live chat with a robot. Their task is providing customer support during the shopping experience. The first of these trends that affects the e-commerce sees customers become familiar in seeking assistance from a chat bot.

In fact Facebook has 11,000 chat bots already active on the social network, although they need a stronger kick start. For what concerns Italy, we can see some improvements but still we'll probably see some of them in the coming months. With this new method, companies are able to activate new communication channels through which they will establish direct contact with consumers, in real time and in an interactive and personalized way.

Artificial Intelligence
The use of artificial intelligences become increasingly common and is thus becoming a very important support for the user that is getting more and more used to have a chat for personal assistance. The use of digital services like Alexa Amazon, Apple's Siri, Microsoft's Cortana have quickly got people used to talking to a machine.

Of course, each customer needs personalized responses and therefore differents, which could be provided better by a real assistant. For this reason it's important for the artificial intelligence being able to fully understand the costumer's problem.

Mobile. Mobile. Mobile.
As mentioned in the previous article, also during 2017 mobiles will play an increasingly central role in users' lives. If we only think about 2016 the traffic through smartphones exceeded the one through desktop. For this reason, it's more important than ever making the browsing experience through the mobile as easy and good as possible for the user.
By this is meant not only the process of adapting your web platform to your smartphone screen, but rather taking it as a starting point in the strategy you are pursuing.

devices online shoppers use

Mobile payment and loyalty Apps
The use of App is constantly increasing year by year, and hand in hand with it there are the online payments. Starbucks was the first to introduce the possibility of paying via mobile and now their App has become a booming success.

22% of Starbucks' costumers are now paying using the App, and that has helped generating an increase of 12% of the revenue. In this way both multinational and costumers are able to take advantage of the situation. Starbucks is collecting incormation to aid further improvements, costumers are willing to have a long time relationship with the brand.

mobile vs traditional payment

Personalization and customization
The huge availability of data that we agree to make public by accepting the "Terms and conditions", allow brands to gather information and then build special advertising and personalized offers for us. Not only that, specific products to specific persons are offered at any time through the web and social networks. This customization system will become a major trend of 2017.

Part of the success of the Starbucks App is in the data it collects, meaning it can offer personalized deals on the products that customers already buy. In the age of the customer, the customer experience, including personalization, is very important in differentiation between competitors and lowering cart abandonment rate.

Increasing same day delivery
Delivery by drone is not a reality so far away. In 2017 the possibility of delivery on the same day will become increasingly common. In fact, according to research by Forrester, 29% of users are willing to pay a little more in order to get the goods the same day.

While the giant Amazon Prime kicks off this trend, flexibility in deliveries will become a differentiating factor for e-commerce.

Delivery and return of the items have always been one of the pain when purchasing online, but recently great steps forward have been made to make delivery and return fast and easy.

Social selling
In 2016 we've already had the chance to witness the birth of this new shopping. Social networks will no longer be seen only as a platform to share content, but you will also be able to purchase on them.

Especially for what concerns Facebook, it is extremely necessary the diversification of its revenue if they want to keep shareholders happy.

Those presented are only 7 new trends that we will see as main features of 2017. We know that the e-commerce will grow more and more, so it will be even more interesting seeing the future innovations.