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Apr 12

Dynamic vs static pricing

For those managers that are running an online business, today’s competition price tracking is as important as taking the right strategic marketing decisions on the pricing policy in order to increase the business. One of the most common pricing strategies that online managers use is for sure the continuous price variation, that it is affected

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Sep 7

Vaillant Interview

Vaillant is among the most important companies in the heating field and air conditioning technology in Italy. Vaillant offers heating, air conditioning and eco-friendly solutions, all geared towards using renewable energies. We had the pleasure to interview Marco Travaini, Head of Digital Marketing in Vaillant Group Italy. 1) Tell us a bit about Vaillant and

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Jul 25

We are on Storeden!

We have an exiting news! We are happy to announce our collaboration with Storeden, the online platform that supports your online business. If you have an e-commerce or you are simply selling through marketpaces you definetly want to check this out! Install in your e-commerce Competitoor’s free app and start monitoring up to 5 products

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Jul 19

5 e-commerce trend of 2017

This year is revealing itself as a very interesting one for what concern the e-commerce business. Plently are the factors of change but hereafter we only decided to list the top 5. As we know, e-commerce is growing very fast and it is doubling its size every year. If we only consider the USA we

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Jun 28


The e-commerce is constantly growing year by year. An increasing number of people are daily choosing to search online for the best price, instead of the ordinary shop. This is it because it’s very simple, cozy and you can get good prices. Moreover, you can almost find everything on the Internet. If in the early

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Jan 19

Increasing sales of a product without lowering prices

By using Competitoor, the store manager has the guarantee that the prices of his online shop remain competitive over time. Whether he is monitoring a subset of products with the Starter plan or entire competitors’ domains with the Pro plan, if a competitor changes a price the shop manager will be promptly notified. Keeping prices

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Jan 12

Raising prices through monitoring the competition

It is not the lowest price that increases sales, but the most intelligent one. Last week we talked about how difficult it is to determine the right selling price for a product. Calculating the costs and adding a profit margin is not enough; rather, you must consider your target market because those who buy online

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Jan 5

Optimized prices for the online market

How to improve your pricing policy and increase revenues and profit margins. For those who sell online, deciding the sale price is one of the most important and complex decisions to take. Some of the traditional methods, like the mark-up pricing adds a profit margin to the costs (goods, depreciation, client acquisition, tax, etc…), are

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Feb 24

5 tips to improve your pricing policy

Whether you’re thinking about your price policy for the first time or you’re changing it in order to make it more effective for your online sales, you need to consider these 5 tips. Moreover these tips will help you to avoid a price battle that would be a lose-lose strategy. 1 – Know your profit margins Lowering

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Feb 24

How much the price affects online sales

In a growing and increasingly competitive market such as the online one, choosing the right price is essential for success. Recent studies ( showed how a low price is considered the primary key of choice in market sectors. In the pharmaceutical industry, as well as in the electronics industry, the price affects the users heavily; not so for other

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